11 Simple Ways to Super Charge For Fat Loss for Santa. Christmas is about 6 weeks away and we all know that it’s a big party season. If you want to feel slimmer and energetic in your Christmas party outfitted reading. Here are some of our super simple ways to achieve that without giving up the will to live. Drink 3 litres of Water Your body is predominantly water and needs to be sufficiently hydrated in order to function optimally. Aiming for 3 litres of water will ensure you can be mentally and physically healthy. Avoid Alcohol Alcohol is full of empty calories which means that your body gets fatter without any real nutrition. It also means all your efforts go to dealing with the alcohol in your body rather than say fat burning. Not only that the choices you make for food whilst drinking and the day after aren’t usually the healthiest. Be Protein Rich Eating a diet high in protein means you will be giving your body what it needs to replenish and grow. Protein keeps you fuller for longer too. Be Consistent The best way to get consistent results is to be consistent in your decisions. If you consistently eat good food, exercise regularly you will be able to sustain a loss of 1-2 lbs per week. That could be as much as 24 lbs by Christmas! Have a Reason The best way to keep you on the straight and narrow is to have a why. So why do you want to lose weight? To be thinner to have more energy… The usual! But why? What will it mean for you personally? Will it affect your family, your work or your social life? Nail that and you’ll soon get the results you want. Sleep Well Getting a good night’s sleep, not just time but quality too is essential for your fat loss. By getting a good night’s sleep you will mean you will make better food choices, you’ll be mentally more focused and have energy to workout. Exercise Regularly Find something you enjoy and do it a few times per weeks. You need to be active on a daily basis to increase your NEAT by walking around 10,000 steps daily. Remember Rest A day’s rest is as important as workout session. By active test I mean avoiding intensive training sessions and going swimming, Pilates or walking. Having Epsom salts in your bath and magnesium supplements aid recovery. Reduce Your Stress Reducing your stress is crucial for your fat loss. You should regularly find ways to reduce your stress, like reading, meditation and exercise. Track Your Food In order to lose weight it is crucial to be in a calorie deficit. You can use tracking apps like MyFitnessPal to ensure your within your daily allocation. If this is not for you having a written food journal can work well and you can work on portion control rather than calorie counting. Be Prepared The best way to ensure you get results is to prepare. Think about it, the best things which are important to you take lots of planning. Whether it be a wedding, a party or just a date, careful planning means it goes perfectly. So plan your meals, book in your exercise like appointments and you’ll be much more likely to achieve them. And that’s it! Super simple and very easily attainable. No complicated plan to follow r giving up everything you love in life. Put these simple tips into action and you’ll be a dress size smaller in time for Santa!